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Vice Chairman

For more than six decades, we have worked with clients that are competitive and relentlessly focused on how they can improve every aspect of their business. And through that time, Graham Company has prided itself on redefining what it means to be an insurance broker, constantly refining and expanding our offerings to better serve our clients. The two of us have been proud to be a part of this mission for more than half that time and witness the successes of countless clients, partners and colleagues. While we strive to do things “The Graham Way” each and every day, which has allowed our company and culture to flourish over the years, we also pride ourselves in never becoming complacent. Our business – along with the insurance brokerage and employee benefits industries – continues to grow and evolve. Much of the evolution is a direct result of new technologies and innovative thinking. As you know, we are committed to advancing technology in the industry through our partnership with BrokerTech Ventures, the first broker-led convening platform and accelerator program. We have access to cutting-edge technology that enables us to continuously improve the client experience and create both internal and external efficiencies. When we say we’re committed to innovation, we mean it. We truly are invested in the industry’s future.

Equally important, we’ve hired several new employees who are focused on guiding the implementation of new technologies and are responsible for strategizing creative approaches to insurance programs and employee benefits packages that can reduce overall costs for our clients. In fact, in the last year alone, we’ve welcomed many new employees who are proving to be exceptional additions to the team and exemplify our commitment to our clients and the future of Graham. The initial months of the pandemic brought unprecedented disruption to every industry, including our own. From that disruption, great opportunities have emerged. While we have vibrant headquarters in Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, DC, this year we recognized there was an opportunity to capitalize on the best and brightest talent, regardless of where they may be located. This thinking led us to hire our first remote employees in other areas of the country and even the world – with team members in Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado, California and London, England. As our team expands in size and region, so does our robust training and mentorship programs, thanks to the tenure of so many outstanding team members. And with that, the national presence of our clients is growing too. We are proud to say we have Property & Casualty and Employee Benefit clients in all 50 states. As we work more with national clients, our team has shown we can transform the insurance programs, risk management portfolios and employee benefits packages for companies across industries, of any size and in any geographical location. Rest assured, we won’t sleep until our clients’ legacies and bottom lines are protected. As we expand into new markets, serving the needs of all our clients – whether they’ve been with us from day one or are just getting started – is and always will be our top priority. That’s a promise we will keep. This year, we’ve learned we can honor our roots, while also expanding our wings and flying to new heights to better serve our cherished clients. It is incredibly exciting to think of what we can accomplish together in the years ahead.

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